Library of Solitude


The Library of Solitude is a large citadel, carved into a cliff and built out of stone and magically-enchanted ice, protecting it from harsh elements and giving it a disinviting look to the outsiders. Providing of a single entrance guraded by enormous stone door, it is the keepsake of the greatest library in all of Tamriel.

There are only two ways to safely arrive in the Library. Once is through the portal that links the Library to the Tower of Gates, but that requires the express permission of the Draconian King (or whomever happens to be in charge), or through other arcane methods that usually imply certain level of skill and thus knowledge in the posession of the visitor.

Inside, the building is at least as large as king's palace itself, with seemingly a single chamber filled with rows and rows of bookcases stacked back-to-back against each other. Many of the bookcases seem to be as much as 100ft high, though nowhere near reaching the absurdly-tall ceiling. The chamber seems to be lit by arcane glow sourced from nowehere, and the massive, jagged glass windows are covered in snow and ice, revealing a brutally unpleasant weather outside the library's walls.


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