Imperial War College


The massive fortress that stands atop Mount Fodrun is as mysterious as it is imposing. The Imperial War College is said to be the oldest structure in Cyrodil and perhaps in all of Taramil. Rumor has it - amongst those who are knowledgeable about such things -that the War College was the only structure to survive the upheaval of being transplanted to Taramil millennia ago.

The fortress was discovered over 600 years ago by settlers and men at arms dispatched by the king to extend the sovereign borders of Cyrodil. The main buildings and surrounding structures were thoroughly searched but revealed no signs of life. Once word reached the king he immediately dispatched a contingent of knights and Kingsmen to establish a permanent base in what would become known as Kvatch.

Since that time the Imperial War College has served as the proving ground for the finest warriors on Taramil, as well as a deterrent to those who would think to invade from the west.

As the years have passed and the old enemies driven into the darkest corners of Morrowind and the Black Marsh, the War College has remained steady in its mission to forge great men of war. Gone are the days of the orc and goblin wars, but the vigilance of those manning the great fortress ensures that no enemy will cross into Cyrodil lightly.


There is no question that this is a house of war. From the massive stone blocks that comprise the exterior wall, to the numerous patrols and guard stations, to the flags representing nearly every corner of Taramil, this city within a city begs for - and warns against - conflict.

The fortress looks down on all of Kvatch from Mount Fodrun and is as much a major city as a staging point for warfare. The College proper is surrounded by numerous supporting structures from armories and smithies to farms and ranches. This ensures that during times of conflict the great fortress can remain self sufficient for years at a time.

It is here that the best warriors in Tamirel are forged. Those who have proven worthy by blood or deed are invited to train and learn from the most accomplished martial masters. The faculty is made up of both active and retired soldiers, officers, knights, and sailors who take their role as educators very seriously.

If a petitioning candidate is allowed to continue training after the initial six week probationary period, he will spend the next two years in near constant training. Few are chosen for this privilege, and fewer last to see it through. The vast majority will seek employment as mercenaries (many companies maintain contacts and encampments in and around Kvatch) or as guardsmen in smaller cities and towns.

For those who have the skill and the drive to see the challenges of the War College through, glory surely awaits. These men are bestowed the Imperial War Cross, and the College's seal is embossed on their Writ of Citizenship. Regardless of what path they travel from this point, they are destined to leave their mark on the world.

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