Hammerfell is a place to the west of Cyradiil. Surrounded by sharp mountains in the north and turbulent ocean to the west and south, its terrain is a raised steppe of sharp rocks, grassy fields, and cool, arid air. It has the appearance of barren, sharp, newly-formed world, where the wind and time have not had the opportunity to smooth-out the mountains, round-off the hills, and edge-out the valleys.

Ruled by the Overlord, it is a land of hard men, more sinister than those of Cyradiil. The Overlord rules his land with a hard fist, and the people reflect it. Large Dwarven realms lie beneath its surface, hidden from the world, greedily digging for the next great vein of mithril, silver, and gold. Very few of the average citizens even know this. Even less have seen a dwarf.

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A small fortress built into the side of a mountain, Clifkeep is a multi-tiered town with a ancient stone wall forming a semi-circle around the entire citadel. The walls are twenty feel deep and thirty feet tall, forming an impenetrable barrier for anyone attempting to get in. Outside the walls is a small moat and a iron gate, rusted on the outside, but strong and firm throughout, giving it an old but foreboding look.


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A small town in the northern part of Hammerfell, Skaven was once a bustling center on a trade route between the western sea and Cyrodiil, but years ago it was taken over by the Blackguard as part of the deal the Overlord, king of Hammerfell, made with Jennesta.
Since then the town was turned into a training camp, the citizens pushed out, and the existing construction used for targed practice. Of the whole town only a handful of buildings remain, barely standing and supported by makeshift beams.

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