D'Argo Tomb


This massive tomb is the final resting place of dozens of members of the once prominent D'Argo family. The main strcture is nearly twenty-five feet high and is made entirely of marble.

Inside a vaulted entryway features a huge statue of the Archduke Edward D'Argo as well as many smaller statues, busts, paintings, and tapestries. The grandeur is befitting of a major noble house, and is the last remaining memory of the lost clan. A wide stairway leads to a second level where many of the extended family members are interred. From this level a passage leads down to a smaller though more elaborately appointed floor where the graves of the family patriarchs and matriarchs are located.

The whole place is a tribute to a forgotten time and an equally forgotten name. However, the air reeks of something sinister and unsettling. This is no longer the peaceful resting place of great men, for beneath the tomb sits a shrine to the lords of undeath and the dessicated remains of their victims. The entire tomb is a place of great sorrow and suffering, all lost to the passage of time. Lost, that is, except for the few who revel in the details of forgotten lore.

GAME NOTES: Arthus raided the D'Argo tomb,saved the life of Talas the Halfling Seeker, and recovered theRod of Sorrows. This led to his introduction to the Keepers.


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