Cheydinhal is a bustling walled city northeast of the Imperial City. The city still boasts a high level of trade despite its proximity to Morrowind.

In recent years most of the trade in Cheydinhal has been related to the increased martial presence along the border. "The Line" is teeming with soldiers, mercenaries, and knights of nearly every race in Tamirel. That has created a demand for support, provisions, maintenance, and hospitalization in the city.

Cheydinhal has also seen a population explosion, not only of human tradesmen, but many Dwarven, Dragonborn, and Halfling immigrants as well.

With this increase in trade, industry, and population, the underworld elements have also found their niche in Cheydinhal and rumors (and opportunities) abound with the budding "guilds" vying for "marketshare."

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