Abe's Scripts and Tomes


A small store in the north-eastern corner of the Great Marketplace, Abe's Scripts and Tomes is a dusty place packed with overstuffed bookshelves, tables sporting various writing supplies and a heavy wooden credenza filled with scholarly tools. On top of the credenza lies a thick tome covered with a glass dome bound to the surface with thick iron bars.

Abe, the owner and operator of the store, is an old, portly man with thick glasses, plain garments, and a thinning head of hair covered by a grey nightcap. Though he appears dimwitted, he is sharp and observant, paying acute attention to all expressing undo interest to 'borrowing' items. He has a subtle but noticeable smell of arcane components, and under his robes one might pick out a wand or two, ready at a moment's notice.


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