Places of the World

The world at large is a complicated place. Each world is connected in some way to many others. Sigil, the center of the universe, exists as a city of gates, where virtually and place connects to. What is little know is that there is another world called Tamriel similar to Sigil, but it it locked inside a mythal, and all gates and paths leading to it are diverted or lost. Should that mythal ever fall, it will become a World of Doors for the universe.

Each world is full of its own lore, history, magic, and adventure. Though the stories start in Tamriel, they soon expand beyond that little realm, where the dragons rule the skies, the demons wage neverending war, and petty gods strive to control each other's domains.

Alidor, the home of Dragonborn

Oerth, the home of Flanness

Sigil, the City of Gates

Tamriel, the World of Doors


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