Velenia Amastacia (Starflower)


Velenia is a beautiful High Elf maiden with long blonde hair and blue-green eyes and is every bit an exemplar of her people. She is talented, sophisticated, brilliant, and educated. She stands 5' 5" and weighs 105 pounds and dresses in a fine irridescent green dress and fine understated elven jewelry.

Though Velenia has all the makings of an elven paragon, she does display some atypical traits for an Eldar. She is willful and adventurous, and is often passionately emotional and playfully enthusiastic, though she rarely (if ever) reveals this side of herself to anyone but Arthus.


Velenia is Arthus' mentor and partner with the Keepers, not to mention his fiancee. In addition to being a well respected Agent-Retriever within that group, she is the Arcane Blademistress of an ancient order of Elven warrior-mages.

Story Hooks

Velenia was first introduced in The Chain while guiding a few apprentices. She and Arthus have a deeply profound connection which has been tested by distance and circumstance, but through all of the recent troubles they have been united in their desire to be by one anothers sides. Velenia is Arthus' only reliable contact within the Keepers but tries to limit how much he must lean on her expertise.

Recently, Velenia has been appointed to the ranks of the Infiltrators taking her outside of the role of Retriever for the first time in her career with the Keepers.



Velenia Amastacia (Starflower)


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