Varlin is a middle-aged man residing in the outskirts of White Haven. Though he worked very hard to keep his name little know, he is a wizard of considerable power. The years have not been kind to him, and their strain shows clearly on his prematurely gray hair and sunken eyes.


Varlin is/was the teacher of young Fizbin, keeping a strict eye on the boy's skills and abilities. As a member of the Five Guardians of White Haven, he was a descendant of a long list of guardians of the Obilisk, and, consequently, the Pelorian Instrumentality.

Story Hooks

Varlin plays a big part initially, when the young boys are first introduced into the world, and their eyes are opened.

He appears again when the Draconian King is rescued and awakened from his poisonous sleep.





Velenia Amastacia (Starflower)


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