Thomas Alveras


A kindly old man, Thomas is a rather large man for a pious man. Standing at over 6 feet tall and 300 pounds, he is an imposing figure, even in his priestly garments. As the archbishop of the White Cathedral, he always wears a white robe with gold and silver trimmings. On great holidays he will wear a green-and-gold tunic over his robe, but that is a rare event. With silver hair, brown eyes, and a short beard, there is an aura of peace and quiet surrounding him.


Thomas Alveras is the current archbishop of the White Cathedral in the central district of the Imperial City. As an accomplished healer and herbalist, Thomas served for many years as the Draconian Kings healer and horticultural advisor, tending to the great Arboreum atop the Tower of Gates. When the King became poisoned and Gerald took over control of the city, Thomas was demoted, censored, and removed from the court, and currently keeps to the White Cathedral, knowing few dare try and silence him within its walls.

Story Hooks

Thomas informed William of the precise nature of the King's ailment and of the location of the cure. Due to his actions the five heroes were able to restore the King's health.



Thomas Alveras




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