The Spellslinger


A tall, think human, the Spellslinger is a man of dark complexion, deep brown eyes, and raven black hair. Under a neatly cut goatee, he conceals an old scar from childhood.


Said to have trained with the foul drow of the Underdark, the Spellslinger is an established sorcered and servant of Gerald. He was stationed in Skaven and told to train the Blackguard in the arcane arts, he found it to be tedious and boring. However, being deeply in debt due to his family's mis-steps with the Drow, he is forced to fulfill his duty until such time as his debts are paid. He has no love for Gerald or his underlings, but then again, he has no love for anyone.

Story Hooks



The Swordmaster


Thomas Alveras


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