The Overlord


A tall, skinny, almost malnourished middle-aged man, The Overlord was the ruler of Hammerfell and once upon a time a friend to the Draconian King. But, once the King disappeared and his influence left the halls of Cliffkeep, Jennesta poisoned The Overlord's ear and turned him against Cyrodiil.

They forged a pack of non-aggression, and The Overlord swore to help Jennesta when she launches her war upon Tamriel, in exchange for Hammerfell as his Kingdom to keep. They devised a plan and when the time came the Pelorian Instrumentality was stolen from White Haven and brough to the Overlord for safekeeping.

However, what Jennesta failed to realize was that the Overlord's mind was weak, and the presence of the Instrumentality poisoned the man further and he turned on Jennesta too. In his paranoia he started building an army, his cult of the Eclipse, and expected to arm his soldiers and protect Hammerfell from the incoming war.

In all of that fate intervened, and a group of young men came to retrieve the Instrumentality, and in so doing ended The treatorous Overlord's life. He died, clinging to false hope, still having dreams of grandour and immortality.


Story Hooks

After the Overlord was killed, he was promptly replaced by a Naga posing as him. However, this naga had little time to 'learn' the Overlord, and soon people begun questioning and doubting in their leader.



The Swordmaster


Thomas Alveras


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