The Keepers


The Keepers are a small but widespread guild of sorts that focus their efforts on the retrieval, preservation, and sometimes destruction of artifacts, relics, antiques, and other powerful of significant items.

Membership is by invitation only, and few are courted without being thoroughly observed. If an invitation is extended (and accepted) then a probationary apprenticeship period begins, and continues for as long as the new members’ mentor decides.

The more secretive aim of the “guild” is to research, retrieve, and find the proper homes for powerful artifacts of the world. There are many items imbued with magical properties, but none match the raw power of those collectively referred to as artifacts and relics.

These items have the ability to build and crumble nations, to serve and protect or oppose and enslave. They are the tools of great heroes and terrible villains. To let these items float through the world for any to acquire is irresponsible and could spell disaster on a grand scale.

It is the mission of the Keepers to seek out these items, discern their properties, and the purpose (if any) for which they were created.

For their purposes, the Keepers employ all manner of people, either directly or indirectly. Thieves, pirates, mercenaries, nobles, royals (perhaps,) cutthroats, knights, mystics, clergy, academics, and any others who have the requisite skills and disposition for certain jobs.


Arthus was recruited into the Keepers after saving the life of a Halfling Seeker and recvering the Rod of Sorrows. He was mentored and trained by Velenia Amastacia and the two remained partners for over two years.


The Keepers are governed by a widespread council headed by David Talbot. Though David has a great deal of autonomy he will defer to the council for major decisions and in times of crisis.

The membership of the Keepers is divided into several sub-groups based on experience and specialty. Though there are many who operate outside of their "job description" the ranks serve to delineate authority, seniority, and privaliges within the organization.

Apprentice - A new recruit who is screened and then chosen by a mentor who is usually a senior Seeker or Retriever. An apprentice can spend a variable amount of time in training before being permitted to accompany a Seeker on a misson.

Seeker - Once an apprentice has gained a certain level of experience and has demonstrated the skills and discretion needed to operate independantly, he will be promoted to Seeker.

Retriever- These are experienced and highly successful Seekers. Though their function changes very little, once promoted to Retriever, a member has earned great respect and is given privaleges, responsibilities, and access to much more of the inner workings of the Keepers. In many cases a Seeker must show that he already has some of this knowledge in order to be considered for promotion.

Keeper- While collectively the entire membership are known as Keepers, those who earn the specific title are the elite of the Seekers. These are Seekers/Retrievers who have done may great things to protect the mission of te Keepers and are often called on to undertake perilous missions with dire consequences.

Agent Retriever/Infiltrator/Librarian- These are specific focuses that Retrievers and Keepers sometimes gravitate towards. Agents continue working to recover the most powerful treasures of world. Infiltrators are primarily information gatherers who take on the extremely dangerous task of gaining the trust of powerul people and organizations and may spend years undercover wthin those groups. Librarians protect and research artifacts and relics. They are responsible for the warehousing, safekeeping, and study of every item the Keepers bring in.

"Guildmaster" Though this is not an official title, it is often used to describe a councilmember or David Talbot when in public.

Story Hooks

The Keepers know more than they let on to all but the inner most circle of members. They have heard tell of artifacts so powerful in their scope that they question if even the gods themselves could have wrought them. These Tokens are of great interest to those who suspect their existence, and the Keepers are always vigilant in their pursuit of these items. (Note: This isn’t to suggest that they HAVE any Tokens, only that they know of –or suspect- their existence and wouldn’t want them falling into the wrong hands.)

Another aspect of their mission that the Keepers do not make readily available to the membership at large (though it is not nearly as secret as the aforementioned Tokens) is the knowledge that some items, artifacts or not, are bound to other worlds. As Tamriel was formed from the shattered pieces of numerous worlds, so are some of the magical items that now populate the world.

This is thought by some to be a matter of concern, as who is to say how certain “alien” magic might interact or disrupt the natural order of this world.

There is currently a divide in the hierarchy of the Keepers that threatens David's leadership. The exact nature of the rivalry is not clear, but Arthus believes that the organization has been infiltrated by the Nyads.

Keeper Ranks


The Swordmaster


Thomas Alveras


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