The Children of the Eclipse


With poisoned minds and misguided hearts, these men and women followed the Overlord blindly in his obsession to become the son of Pelor, and eventually his successor. Because of the presence of the Pelorian Instrumentality, which, due to being submerged in the evil-infused fluids, emitted confusing influence on the weak minded, the Overlord became a lost zealot, and started the cult of the eclipse, believing himself to be the next god of the sun and sky.

Located in and around the Cliffkeep, this short lived cult was a result of the paranoia and weak-mindedness of the beaten and battered minds of the residents of Hammerfell. Its existence more or less ended when the heroes of Tamriel retrieved the Pelorian Instrumentality and killed the treasoneous Overlord in the process.


Story Hooks



The Swordmaster


Thomas Alveras


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