Takk is an adolecent dragonborn of bronze scale. He is fiery and precocious wanting to prove himself at every turn (even if he has to create a venue for this himself.) He is strong for his age and bears the scars of a few minor hunts.


Takk is the son of a heroic dragonborn warrior who gave his life to save the settlement on Yokuda from the Anathema. Since that fateful day Takk has been determined to live up to his father's legacy, a drive that often puts him in untennable situations.

Story Hooks

Upon the party's arrival in Yokuda, Takk made an impression on Alisaar. Recognizing the child's raw abilities, Alisaar has seen fit to delagate some squirely duties to help focus and discipline Takk's impetuous heart.

During the great battle to save Harrat, Arthus intercepted Takk before he could accept Tiamat's curse on himself, sparing Trogos from an awful fate. It was in this moment that Arthus knew he could not stand by and be an impartial observer of fate.







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