St. Cullen


Saint Cullen was a tall, powerfully built man who was raised in the church of Pelor since birth. Standing six-foot-three and weighing well over two hundred pounds, St. Cullen was also said to have a golden tan even in the dead of winter. As a Pelorian knight, he wore a suit of plate armor, a kite shield emblozoned with the symbol of Pelor, and carried a hand-and-a-half sword into battle. Each of these items were masterworks of the dwarven steel chased in gold.


Though little is known of St. Cullen even among the faithful, those who are the blessed knights of Pelor carry his name into battle proudly to this day. Known within the church as the Sword of the Sun, his exploits are legend.

More to come… feel free to add! I see this guy as a badass crusader-type. The kind who would seek to strike down the enemy rather than trying to save them. Not a rampaging maniac, but a zealot.

Story Hooks

William was given a large amulet which housed a bone fragment from a Pelorian saint. Such amulets are used by his order of knights as keys to enter the Sommerset Isle in order to battle the hordes of demons and devils within. Upon seeing it Arthus was able to gleen its origins and learned the name of St. Cullen.



St. Cullen




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