Sirillius is little more than a petrified skull and bones, with two red flames inside the eye sockets that freeze the blood of any living man, who wears centuries-old clothes that, though clearly well maintained show their age in weakened strands of fiber and rudimentary patchwork. Once the best finery money could buy, it is clear that Sirilius' mind is elsewhere, and feeling no attachment to earthly posessions, has been wearing the same outfit for longer tham most elves live.


Sirilius, once a powerful elven mage and somewhat of a prodigy is currently one of the most powerful and terrifying beings known throughout Tamriel. The self-ordained ruler of the Underdark, he has transformed himself into a powerful lich over two-and-a-half millennia ago.

As one of the original protectors of the Pelorian Instrumentality, he was a defender and a member of Five destined to destroy Jennesta. Having partially succeded, he failed to realize that she would reconstitue herself. Unfortunately, through a magical book, Fizbin traveled back in time and informed Sirilius of his 'failure' to completely destroy her. That knowledge greatly affected the then young elven mage, and he contrived a plan to become an undead being so that he could try again milliennia later.

In that time, he has become the ruler of the Underdark, and under the influence of one of the Instrumentalities has usurped much of its ability to grow in strength and rule the foul beings that live beneath Morrowind.

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Seekers (The Keepers)


Sons of the Wyrm


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