Seekers (The Keepers)


Seekers are low-ranking individuals within The Keepers, whose job is to search for specific items at the direction of higher ranking members. They generally serve as a scout that gathers information, but contact their superiors before acting on said information. With the exception of a few seekers, for the most part these men and women do not pursue the items of interest directly, but rather use their own contacts, skills, and manipulation, to get others to do it for them.


Story Hooks

Arthus is a Seeker, though he has quickly disregarded the limits of his post to directly pursue the Instrumentalities as well as other relics. It is this willingness to follow his instincs and passions that has earned him a special place with David Talbot. David has shielded Arthus from reprisal so far, but if Arthus can not produce results it may mean disaster for both of them.



Seekers (The Keepers)




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