Salir, apprentice of Fundor the Short


Salir is a short human of dark comlexion and hunched posture. Archetypical wizard, he's always covered in dust, chalk, and his hands are stained with black ink. Obviously born of the people of the south, having spent many years indoors, his skin has grown dry and pale.


While Fizbin was studying with Varlin, his master would be visited (or visit) and old colleague named Fundor the Short. During those times the apprentices of these wizards would study together, or at least sit in the same chamber tolerating each other's presence and measuring each other's skill. Part friends part rivals, Fizbin and Salir neither like nor dislike each other, always looking out for number one, but acknowledging and respecting the other for the time spent mastering the arcane craft.

Story Hooks

Fizbin contacted Salir while trying to break into the Tower of Gates in the Imperial City. Salir was amused enough to share a 'high tale' that eventually lead the group into the tower.



Salir, apprentice of Fundor the Short


Seekers (The Keepers)


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