Romulus is a hulking and muscular dragonborn with dull bronze colored scales. He wears magnificently embellished field plate armor and carries a large circular shield. Though he can fight effectively with most any weapon (or without any) he favors the broadsword that brought him so many victories in the arena.

Romulus is willful and headstrong but has begun to see the promise of a life spent in service to a greater goal than one's own impulses.


Romulus was the champion of Dorn's gladitorial arena in the Chain, and had stood unbeaten against dozens of foes ranging from humans and half-elves to orcs, and even more exotic creatures. Romulus' last challenge in the pit came at the hands of Alisaar when he demanded that Dorn release the dragonborn slaves he had working in the mines. In a shocking upset, Alisaar stood victorious and offered Romulus a choice: A death that would be forgotten as soon as the crowds began to cheer the name of the next champion, or the difficult task of uniting and enlightening their entire race.

Romulus now serves as Alisaar's lieutenant and oversees the martial training of the dragonborn in the colony in the Chain.

Story Hooks



Retrievers (The Keepers)


Salir, apprentice of Fundor the Short


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