Standing 4' 8" Raethe is quite tall for a Mountain Dwarf. He is broad, thick, and well muscled, but those are hardly his mostnoticeable features. Raethe has twin mohawks of thick, wirery copper clored hair. Each is 8" tall and stands without the aid of rendered fat or other assistance. Raethe's beard is trimmed short, but his thick moustache is long and pulled into two braids. His body is covered in swirling black tattoos that seem to move of their own accord. They are a curiosity that most avoid since intent study can cause pain, disorientation, and worse. Raethe ususally wears thick iron-bound goggles with opaque black lenses to obscure his serpentine eyes. He wears no armor, but dons a pure white cloak made of winter-wolf fur and carries a massive two-handed maul.


Ohhhhhh, where to begin?

Story Hooks

Raethe is Kal's friend and ever-present travelling companion. He is also the unlikely steward of Beordun's will on the Prime Material Plane(s).





Retrievers (The Keepers)


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