Lars is a young and ambitious dragonborn with ruddy scales and vaguely black hide. He is of good stock but is undersized for the warrior caste, and has therefore focused his efforts on politics, like his father before him. He has a keen, shrewd mind and a cold demeanor that conceals an overactive ego and a viscious temper.


Lars is the son of a tribal councilman, and Alisaar's unrelenting rival. He has spent much of his life scheming and maneuvering to gather allies to support his ambition. There is no greater evidence of how far he is willing to go than the murder and mutilation of his father. Lars (unbeknownst to the others of his clan) killed his father in order to assume his place on the council. In a further act of profanity, Lars removed his father's acid gland and grafted it on to himself. This is an ancient and forbidden practice of necromancy for which there is no redemption.

Though he and Alisaar have been adversaries since childhood they have each come to respect the other for their particular strengths. While Alisaar may find Lars contemptable, he can not deny the skill with which he manipulates tribal politics. This is an area that has always hindered Alisaar, and makes Lars a very dangerous foe.

Story Hooks

Lars has studied magic, particularly necromancy.
Lars is responsible for encouraing the Dragonborn slave trade.





Librarians (The Keepers)


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