Kingsman Gran


Gran is a handsome well-built man with shoulder length black hair with a bit of distinguished gray. He wears a trimmed goatee and short sideburns.

Gran wears immaculate field plate armor with the heraldry of the Kingsmen displayed on the oversized left pauldron. He wields an impressive broadsword and solid steel kite shield that proudly bears the scars of countless engagements.


Gran is a strategist and tactician of great renown. His lectures at the war college in Kvatch frequently draw even the most experienced commanders. He has passed up promotion to King's Captain more than once in order to remain at the right hand of his most trusted friend King's Captain Aldiard.

Gran is the recipient of the Imperial Legion of Honour for valor in combat. His crest hangs in the Great Hall where the Kingsmen gather for their annual assembly.

Story Hooks

Arthus gave the Dagger of the Pact to Gran to aid the Kingsmen in eliminating the Nyads from Cyrodil.



Kingsman Gran




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