Kal, that bizzare apparition - part elf, part sailor, part something else entirely. Always dressed to perfection, down to the cufflings, Kal has long, blond hair, deep blue eyes, tall and thin posture, and enough jewelry to sink a ship (well, almost). He wears gold earings, dozens of gold and silver chains with even more talismans, symbols, and runes around them. At his side are two rapiers of dwarven make, each a masterpiece in its own right.


Kal is from another place and time. A sailor lost in Tamriel and wanting to get back, he bides his time until the skies open and he can once again float his boat through the havens.

Story Hooks

The heroes first meet him in Cyradiil, where he offers to use his floating ship to 'crash' into the arboreum. They politely decline.

Later on, while in The Chain, the heroes charter Kal's services to take them to Yokuda.





Keepers (The Keeprs)


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