Gillian Greenbeard


At this time all that is know of Gillian was that he was an wood elf, and a druid.


At this time all that is known is that Gillian was once upon a time a member of the Draconian King's council. He is also said to have discovered the rupture in Summerset Isles that spilled the Blood War upon that land. Being the only one powerful enough to contain the demons and devils, he sacrificed himself as part of a powerful spell to erect a mythal around Summerset Isles. It now serves as a barrier that keeps the Blood War from raging throughout Tamriel.

Story Hooks

The Keepers are searching for Gillian's Tooth, a piece of his bone that was thrown into the sky after the mythal was created. It is said to be capable of destroying his last great deed and undoing his effort to contain the Blood War. They were seen in The Chain searching for this artifact.



Gillian Greenbeard


Infiltrators (The Keepers)


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