A short, bald man of eastern origin with bushy brown eyebrows, black as night eyes, and a narrow, braided beard that ends in a perfectly even cut. His hair is always covered by a hood, and he tends to wear a gray tunic with a thick gold rope serving as his belt. The tunic is of exceptionally fine quality with gold and silver patterns braided throughout the cloth.


Little is know of his origin or background. Once upon a time he was a trusted friend and advisor of the Draconian King. However, at some point he was replaced by a Naga and poisoned the king in an attempt to take control of Cyrodiil and weaken the lands for when Jennesta comes across the border.

Story Hooks

Since the King has been rescued by the heroes of Cyrodiil, Gerald has been working hard to sabotage the defenses of the city.





Gillian Greenbeard


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