Flint is a lanky, nimble young man in his mid-twenties. He stands about 5' 10" and has red hair and a smattering of freckles on his face, many of which he tries to hide with his five o'clock shadow. He is typically armed wih a shortsword, a harness of throwing knives and a concealed dagger. Most of his clothing and gear is ordinary and utility, but good quality. Flint usually over does his jewelry in an attempt to impress.


Story Hooks

Flint is a Seeker and self-styled rival of Arthus. They both were initiated and trained during the same period, but by separate mentors, meeting occassonally in between assignments. Flint's jealousy was obvious after hearing of Arthus' big "score" with the Rod of Sorrows, and has been bent on outdoing him ever since. However, if outdoing Arthus is not a possibility, then undoing him will have to do.

Arthus, until recently, looked at Flint as an occassional annoyance, quickly evaluatng him as having more mouth than talent. As the rivalry became more heated, Arthus began to wonder what connections or relations were keeping Flint's career afloat. All that was speculation until the party's return to Tortuga. A minor Seeker would never be tapped to investigate a traitor, that job is reserved for the likes of Agents and Infiltrators, Arthus knows something isn't right.



Father Joseph Grey




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