Elluntann Gallinndan


Elluntann is a tall grey elf with raven-black hair and hazel eyes. Always wearing simple and practical clothes, he is capable of standing out in the crowd or blending right in at his own volition.


Elluntann was once upon a time an accomplished elven singer and musician. In his youth he was considered quite well versed for an adolescent, so much so that he was invited to the elven court to perform in front of the nobles. An orphan of his own, being accepted into such a large forum shaped the youth's character to be quick witted, sharp, and smooth tongued whenever the situation desired. There he spent many years performing among many artists and allowed a modest, though pleasant life.

Having exhausted much of his repertoire, he decided to take a sabbatical and travel the world, seeking new tales, stories, songs, and legends. He became an archtypical bard, moving from place to place, living off the kindness of strangers (with or without their knowledge), and foolhardy adventures. He had a burning fire in his heart, a quick smile and a pleasant demeanor, and all who met him felt a natural pull to his force of personality.

It was during such travels that he met Aduriel, and they passionately fell in love. He tried to settle down for a moment, but his heart continued to pull, and eventually their union was blessed and they settled together near her family and under their protection.

Elluntann, for a while, was happy to join the wine-making business of his wife, but his heart wasn't in it. So they devised a compromise, that during the warm seasons they would spend time making wines, but during the cold seasons they would adventure together and explore the world. This seemed to suit them both quite well, and for many decades they did just that: he, pursuing the lore that drove him, and she, studying the elements in far and distant lands, only to bring her knowledge back and improve the wine-making process. Armed with her wealth and his knowledge, there seemed to be no limit to their pursuits, until she bore a child and they had to settle down.

For a while they lived in certain harmony, and raised the boy according to elven tradition. He was taught from a very young age, and things seemed to move smoothly. Unfortunately suddenly things changed, and Elluntann became obsessed about leaving the elven lands in pursuit of a place to 'raise a child in his own way.' He was no longer the same person - distant, removed, and cold. Something happened, and the Elluntann that Aduriel knew and fell in love with was no more. He no longer played his harp, or sang his songs. When he laughed, it was forced and empty. When he looked, there was no warmth or love behind the eyes. And thus he has been since, an empty shell of a once great man, for almost fifteen years.

His wife, Aduriel, decided to go along with his obsession to leave in hopes that it would bring back his longing gaze and warm demeanor, and so they left the elven lands some fifteen years ago for a place he had heard of - a small town in the northern part of Cyrodiil called White Haven. There, they settled in as merchants, opening a small store and hiding from the world.

And so they continued raising their young son in White haven, removed from elven family, magic and lore.

Story Hooks

Elluntann was/is Fizbin's father. After leaving White Haven, Fizbin, together with his friends, have learned that Elluntann was replaced by a Nyad some decade and a half ago. This would certainly explain the change so many years ago that has broken his family - and especially his mother's spirit.



Elluntann Gallinndan


Father Davis


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