Durkon Silverbeard


Durkon Silverbeard, a stout, would-be gray-haired dwarf if not for the soot, is the master of the Mason's Guild in Amber Guard, on the border of Skyrim and Hammerfell. A wise, kindly old dwarf, he hides much wisdom, much more than expected of a simple miner, leading a keen observant to believe that he's not quite who he says he is.

For those in the know, Durkon is a retired Kingsman sent by the Draconian King many years ago on a mission to monitor the activities in and around of Hammerfell. Not having heard from the King in some time, Dron has remained at his post, dilligently keeping to his last orders, and performing his sworn duties as expected. Given appropriate means and chances, he helps out those serving the crown, while maintaining his cover and connections.


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Durkon Silverbeard


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