Dragonborn Tribal Council


The council is a collection of representatives from each of Taramil's dragonborn tribes. There are twelve council members as well as the position of "Headman" who is the eldest and most venerable councl member. While the Headman has no official power over the council, he is deferred to as a matter of tradition and respect. Also, in times of council deadlock the Headman is the deciding voice. The council members and their tribes and colors are as follows:

1) Lars – The Archives - Black Under colors
2) Seshima – The Wilds -Green Under colors
3) Thuath – The Hot Place - Red Under colors
4) Ekath – The Winds - White Under Color
5) Arar – The Warriors - Silver
6) Shedininn – The Rocky Place -Bronze
7) Tinash – The Seas -Mercury
8) Thaala – The Desert - Copper
9) Kryhun – The Hunters - Brass
10) Kryuna – The DreamWalkers -The Brass
11) Seshinn – The Wrathful - Bronze
12) Thahun – The Wind Talkers – Silver


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Dragonborn Tribal Council


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