David Talbot


David Talbot looks like a human of about 38 years. His hair is black except for some salt and pepper on the sides. His eyes are set deeply and a gentle shade of grey. His presence is always calming and serene. His true age is unknown but according to myth and legends he is much older than he seems. He was recently found in a painting dating back 500 years and looking exactly the way he looks now.


David Talbot is the master of the Keepers. The keepers are an ancient organization whose sole purpose is to look for powerful magical articafts and keep them from world. Although the purpose is benevolent and their methods are usually peaceable. There is much debate over whether or not they have a right to do such a thing. These "gifts" are made from the powers that be and often created through the sweat and life their champions. More to the point, although only a very select few know of the organization and the "council of races" that co-chair it. There is always the concern of corruption and that one day a cache of powerful items can be turned on the world. (Although NOT if David has anything to do with it.)

Story Hooks

- Arthus is a member of the Keepers and liked by David Talbot
- The bell which was sundered to touch the instrumentality of Pelor, was stolen from the Keepers
- David's age, race and power level is constant question throughout time.
- Velenia is a member of the Keepers



David Talbot


Dragonborn Tribal Council


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