Council of Regents (The Keepers)


The Council is the governing body of the Keepers of Treasures and Secrets. Though David is given full autonomy in the day to day operations of the organization, the overall goals and strategies of the Keepers are determined with the Council.

It is hard to say who or what the Council of Regents is or where they hail from. Their talent for remaning anonymous is best illustrated by the fact that the Council is not even known throughout most of the Keepers' ranks. Only David Talbot, the Agent Retrievers, and Librarians know for certain of the Council's existence.

Even so, none except David are aware of the Regents' identities, and one can only speculate as to whether he knows where each of them calls home. This much is certan, the Regents are powerful in their respective circles. They may lack the martial and arcane might of the membership, but they wield significant influence over those around them. Rumors abound as to who and what constitutes their numbers, but one fact is not up for debate, they are not to be trifled with.

The council members, along with their affiliations, greatest tokens, and champions are listed below:

Targus, Dwarf - Tesla’s Armor (Steam Punk) - CHAMPION
Erik, Human - Helm of Griffon Mane (Arthurian Fantasy) - CHAMPION
Elani, Elven - Storm Flute - Velenia Amastacia
Turok, Teifling - The Mirkwood Bow (Lord of The Rings) - CHAMPION
Angelus, Aria (Winged Folk) - The Ebon Ring - CHAMPION
David Talbot - Solar's Boon - Arthus
Walter, Halfling - David’s Sling - CHAMPION
Loraith, Dark Elf - Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi "The Grass Cutter" (Japanese Mythology) - CHAMPION


Story Hooks

Currently David Talbot is under great pressure from the Council to hand over control to them. The reasons why are not clear, but the success or failure of the party's mission may determine David's ability to retain his position.

Arthus is aware of the Council as David and Velenia have each impressed the importance of his success upon him. It is unheard of for such a junior member to have certain knowledge of their existence.



Council of Regents (The Keepers)


David Talbot


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