The Blackguard are the personal guard of Gerald, the Vizier and de-facto ruler of Cyrodiil during the time of upheaval. Trained by the swordmaster and the spellslinger, two of the most feared and cruel former teachers of Kvatch who were banished for their dishonorable combat skills and tactics. They joined Gerald and formed a separate training camp deep inside Hammerfell, where all kinds of mercenaries were trained to perform the duties of the loyal and obedient servants of the Nyads.


Story Hooks

The group came across the training facility in Hammerfell and effectively destroyed it. While Alisaar challenged and killed the swordmaster, the other four unleashed many zombies upon the camp, causing many of its trainees to fall pray or flee in terror. Though the spellslinger remained and effectively destroyed all the undead, there was nothing left of the encampment.





Council of Regents (The Keepers)


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