Aurax is a magnificent young adult silver dragon. He is large even for his kind measuring 40 feet in length. He has thick yet elegant silver scales with a blueish hue that gleam even in the faintest light. Aurax is striking and beautiful even for a dragon of his line, and has a regal but not imperious bearing. His eyes are a faint crystalline blue and tell of a great compassion despite his imposing stature.

His name means "The Soul of Winter" in the Draconic tongue.


Aurax was found on Oerth when Alisaar was brought to see the armories of the Pelorian knights. Thorne had recovered a dragon egg and the knights were keeping it incubated until it hatched and the dragon could be made to serve as Thorne's mount. While marvelling at the sight of the huge egg, Alisaar heard the voice of the hatchling echo in his mind, begging for freedom. Alisaar obliged with an inferno that issued forth from his very soul.

In moments the egg hatched and the hatchling followed Alisaar to the open air where he could fly to freedom. Before thrusting himself skyward the dragon fixed Alisaar's gaze and asked "What is my name?" Aisaar responded "You are Aurax." At that Aurax took flight and vowed to find Alisaar once he returned to Tamirel. From that moment, Alisaar was forever changed.

Update: After being transported to Alidor via Bahamut's Instrumentality, Aurax was reunited with his father Tariq, a massive silver great-wyrm. This has left an indelible mark on the young dragon, and hlped him to understand his own nature as well as the very special relationship between true dragons and dragonborn.

Story Hooks

Aurax is Alisaar's bonded dragon. This powerful connection is unbreakable and completes both Dragon and Dragonborn in a way that is difficult to fully measure unless one has gone through the bonding.



Agent Retriever (The Keepers)




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