Agent Retriever (The Keepers)


These few represent the pinnacle of the Retriever field operatives. They have unprecedented access to Keeper lore and information, as well as the full measure of Keeper resources including contacts, currency, even powerful relics and artifacts.

First and foremost, Agent Retrievers have shown great skill and resourcefulness in the acquisition of the most important artifacts. They are highly skilled in their primary disciplines and almost certainly have some training in and aptitude for others. These members are perhaps the most highly (and broadly) skilled within the Keepers.

There are only a handful of Agent Retrievers, but they are permitted direct contact with the executive members of the organization and are kept abreast of the decision making process as well as the current and future goals of the Keepers. This is not to say that they have any sway as to these decisions, but their input is carerfully considered as a matter of respect for their outstading service and abilities.


Story Hooks

Velenia is an Agent Retriever



Agent Retriever (The Keepers)




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