Aduriel is a beautiful elven woman. Though she looks a little disorganized and disheveled, underneat the unkept hair and old and tattered clothing lies a pair of deep olive eyes and subtle lips. Sleek and slender, she tends to wear earthly toned colors. Once upon a time her wardrobe was of top quality and well maintained, but over the last decade and a half or so she has stopped paying attention to her looks and has been exhibiting signs of depression and recusiveness.


Aduriel is the third daughter of Tel'Ruid Saerloonian, patriarch of the Saerloonian clan, a prominent family of elven wine makers and merchants, famous for their pale wines. As such, she grew up accustomed to wealth and abundance. Still, her family's wealth did not reflect upon her character, for she always felt a pull towards the earth. Upon reaching adolescence she expressed interest in horticulture and herbalism, and being the third daughter, was allowed to take up the profession. The parents' gamble paid off very quickly, for her insight into the workings of the earth and utilization of the latest technology yielded the famous Glowfire and Topaz wines that to this day are carefully sought by collectors and connoiseurs alike. She continued her education, picking up druidic lore that lent itself very nicely to her family's interests.

After a few years of working with her family, she met a young elven bard, and her heart was lost to all others. Their love blossomed, and each seemed to fulfill the other. Soon her parents blessed the union, and the pair joined the clan and its family business as full contributing members.

Still, his nature was that of a wonderer, and so in-between wine-making seasons they would travel the world. He would seek out adventure, and tales, and song, and she would study the earth and plants of far-away places. This allowed her to continue creating even smoother and spicier wines alike, justifying another adventure, and deflecting the stern glares of aunts and uncles.

After decades of a happy life, they were finally blessed with a child. A young boy was given the name Fizbin, and born with an unusual birthmark was deemed to have a supernal affinity for both arcane art (a gift from his father, presumably), and a natural pull towards the druidic ways (an influence of his mother). And so he was initially raised as both - a mage and a druid, equally skilled in both.

But something happened. A few years into the boys life, his father changed dramatically, and upon his strong insistence decided to move his wife and the boy away from the elven lands. So Aduriel was forced to leave her family behind, and at the insistence of her husband decided to settle in a 'magical place' known only to few - White Haven. It was his idea to settle there, and they made a simple life as merchants of rare goods, sourced from his contacts and her family connections. Even her druidic skills were left untouched, save for a small garden, as the young boy's education was abruptly terminated at the insistence of her husband.

Since she left her home over fifteen years ago, Aduriel has been a shadow of her former self. Her wine-making skills are left uncultivated, and the world has not seen the same quality of elven wine since. It is probably why the Glowfire and Topaz vintages are considered priceless by many, especially elves. Still, her family continues to produce many fine wines, and more than one elf is heard saying "Ah, not quite Topaz, but very good indeed…."

Story Hooks

Aduriel is Fizbin's mother.





Agent Retriever (The Keepers)


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