William Sillunnar


William is a Half-Elf Paladin. A young boy of 20 years, he has broad shoulders, high stature (by human standards), and deep blue eyes. His long blond hair only accents his dedication to Pelor, his diety. His clothes are always unsually clean, and his demeanor grants immediate respect. He is not feared, however, for anyone who knows him is accustomed to a smiling face and a carefree attitude.


William is an orphan. His parents died when he was 6. It was a very harsh winter and they were both stricken with a bad case of sickness. That was a harsh winter for all in the region, but for Will especially.

After their death he was unofficially adopted by a priest of Pelor named Stefan.

Stefan is an older, portly man, of a very pleasant demeanor and simple needs. He would look upon Will as the son he never had and initiated him into the church of Pelor. It was not a forced-upon mantra, though, for Stefan was not the type to walk around preaching or chastising. Instead, he let the young boy hang around, telling stories and answering question of the curious lad. When Will became older, Stefan took it upon himself to educate the boy in the affairs of the world, but being careful not to force any specific faith upon the teenager. It was the boy who began asking questions about Pelor, and it was his own choice to delve deeper into his faith, finding that it was always there.

It is probably why Will celebrates his faith (he does not mourn it like many others). Will is very well rooted in his beliefs and does not need to go around forcing it on others - he believes that the best way to teach others about ones faith is through example.

Stefan was pleased that the boy wanted to learn, and did so diligently. It was no surprise then that at the age of 16 this cheerful and full-of-life boy one day asked to become something more - a champion of Pelor.

So Stefan did what he could do best. He contacted his superiors, and they took interest in the boy. Stefan used whatever clout (and money) he had to get William accepted to the training academy, and for that Will will always be grateful. He left the town of White Haven with a heavy heart, but now three years have passed and it is time to return. He cannot wait to see his father and mentor again. They exchanged letters, but three years is a long time. He has completed his one-year of training and two years of guard duty - it is time to come home.


Will is a very positive, cheerful, heck-we-can-do-it kind of guy. He doesn't run around preaching, and is not the typical paladin in that he isn't oh-so-serious about everything. That is not to say he's not diligent in his duties, or that he acts against his conscience or Pelor's dogma. Not at all. It is just that he celebrates life and faith. He is laid back, fun guy to be around. People generally like him. He is not pompous, arrogant, or mightier-than-thou.

One thing his friend like

William is the glass-half-full kind of guy. No matter how much trouble he and his friends got into, he would always find a positive way of looking at it.

One thing his friends hate

When it comes to doing the right thing, he's very inflexible.


William Sillunnar

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