Fizbin Gallinndan


Fizbin is a tall, thin Eladrin (High Elf), of somewhat dark demeanor and inquisitive look. As a young wizard, he is both lost in the pursuit of power and overwhelmed by it. Cut off from his master too early, and often of two minds, his mastery of elemetal powers frightens most that know him, including his closest friends. Only time will tell if he will conquer the powers he wields, or if he'll succumb to them.


Fizbin is the only son of Aduriel and Elluntann, well-to-do Eladrin merchants that decided to settle in White Haven fifteen years ago. Though pleasant and cordial, they have kept a very private life, rarely attending any public festivities or mingling with the town folk. They have always preferred to keep in privacy, interacting with others only enough to run a healthy store.

His parents, providers of general goods and services, have done well over the years. Their fare is geared mostly towards farming, herding, and everyday items, but occasionally they have a specialty item, whether through chance or good business contacts with neighbouring towns.

Born in the elven lands of Elsweyr, he was trained from an early age in various lore, as well as arcane and druidic crafts. Though too young to grasp it all, he seemed to have a strong knack for both.

However, at the very young (by elf standards) age of 18, his training was abruptly ended and he moved with his parts to White Haven, deep in the north-eastern part of Cyrodiil. There he was kept from general learning until a kindly wizard by the name of Varlin took great interest in Fizbin, and, despite his father's protests, chose to train the elven boy.

At first, Fizbin's teaching was informal. He was simply allowed access to tomes and books of various subjects. It was clear he had well-rooted understanding of the arcane and druidic arts, but left unhoned for years they had not properly developed. Varlin, knowledgeable only in the arcane, quickly shaped the young boys skills, but unable to guide his other abilities, his training remained unfinished.

Eventually Varlin, having won Fizbin as an apprentice on his mother's insistence and despite his father's objections, decided to take him into his Tower on the outskirts of White Haven. Thus, at the age of 33, Fizbin was sent to his Tower for study. Not that his parents were too neglectful in his secular upbringing. They had taught him many things. Though they never acknowledged it, their understanding of the mystical arts often made Fizbin wonder about their previous life - the life before White Haven. With vague memories of another place, he often felt they are hiding something, but was often skillfully deflected in questions.

Now three years have passed since Varlin made him his apprentice, and Fizbin's learning has ended. Varlin does not appear to be a very powerful wizard himself, but he has taught Fizbin much about the arcane art. Filled with theoretical knowledge, he now needs much time and practice to hone his skills and perfect the intricate art of spellcraft.


Fizbin's a bit of an ass. Having had a hot-then-cold relationship with his parents, he's grown a bit selfish. He's generally cold and often scheming. It's no surprise that much of his art is focused on Ice. He likes to keep information close to his chest, and generally alters between the "I'm better than you" attitude and the "I'll show you what I can do" inferiority complex.

One thing his friends like

Fizbin feels a very strong bond of friendship with the group, much stronger than even he acknowledges (his friends know this too). Though he's sometimes an ass, it is fairly easy to talk him into almost anything.

One thing his friends hate

He's got a superiority attitude towards others, and feels little compassion for other's suffering or pain.


Fizbin Gallinndan

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