Arthus is a handsome and athletic young man who stands 5' 10" and weighs 180 pounds. He has shoulder length black hair and dark penetrating eyes. Arthus is armed with the Starflower Saber and its matching shortsword. When he is "working" Arthus will don a skullcap made from the same odd silk as his shirt.


Arthus was born and raised in the small idyllic town of Whitehaven. His family owns and operates a small farm/ranch that provided a comfortable living for Arthus, his parents, and his younger twin brothers.

Arthus worked the farm from the time he could hold a bucket of chicken feed. Shortly after that he realized he wanted more, much more. After spending most of his childhood and adolecence as the town's good-hearted troublemaker, Arthus knew that his ambition was not going to be served within the confines of the town.

After his sixteenth summer solstice festival Arthus, along with his friends, each left the town to seek their fortune in the world. In contrast to most of the group, Arthus had no connections or even a vague plan to get him started. With a few shillings in his pocket, thanks to Bartleby, he decided that if there was anyplace he would find adventure it would by the capital city of Cyrodil.

As expected, Arthus' "plan" didn't go as planned. He arrived in Cheydinhal, a small city east of the capital, confused and without prospects. It would be months before he would land any serious work, but once he did it altered the path of his life in ways he is still trying to understand.

After poaching a job from a group of would-be tomb robbers, Arthus found himself recruited by a secretive group called the Keepers. After his apprenticeship and subsequent appointment as a Keeper, Arthus and his partner/mentor Velenia were dispatched on a few missions that took him as far north as Skyrim and even into the upper levels of the fabled Underdark.

On his return to Whitehaven, Arthus was a changed man in many ways, but still the very easy going and loveable rogue he was when he left. He arrived a few days earlier than the friends had promised so that he would have time to spend with his family. However, since he had been out of touch for three years he hadn't heard the news of his mother's passing. This cast a shadow on his homecoming, but it was still heartwarming to see his father and brothers in good health.

Arthus: The Years in Between

A Long Way from Eden
The Keepers of Treasures and Secrets
The Bow of Livellios Amakiir
A Couple of Years Together
Gateway to the Spider
Arthus' Departure


Clockwork Privateer
Flying Ace
Witch Hunter


Arthus has a quick wit that he uses just as often to exacerbate situations as calm them. He will often play the fool or the flirt to gain the advantage or discover information, but he is not at all a fop. Arthus is curious, often to a fault, about all of Tamirel's mysteries. He is driven to explore and expand his own knowledge of any topic.

One thing his friends like

Arthus' easy-going charm and honest curiosity make him an easy fellow to like. Where he goes an interesting tale or exciting adventure surely follow.

One thing his friends hate

For Arthus the journey is its own reward (which is not to say he would refuse any reward!) He will often find himself, and as a result his companions, in over his head. While these are the situations in which he shines, others may not find the pursuit of the unknown as aluring. Not everyone is willing to risk life and limb to answer the question "I wonder…"



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