Alisaar is imposing even for a Dragonborn. At 7 feet and nearly 400 pounds his stature is greater even than that of his father. His thick scales have become a mixture of golden brown and gleaming gold while the hide underneath has slowly changed to a silvery blue. Alisaar, like his father, has thick twisting horns that stretch back from the top of his forehead. This is a trait that typically denotes a noble bloodline. Alisaar's imposing countenance and thundering roar are quickly becoming legend among his people.

Update: Alisaar has grown a pair of large leathery wings. He has been going through obvious physical changes for many weeks, but this is by far the most shocking development. It is clear, now more than ever, that he is something far different - far more - than a Dragonborn. Alisaar has evolved.

Update: Since their return from Alidor, Alisaar has had the runes of his ancestors etched into his scales and horns. They are the same markings that appeared on his armor that was cast into the fire of the volcano on Yokuda. The runes share the same color as Aurax's scales, silvery-white. Though this has only happened recently, the markings have an ancient look to them.


As the son of General Tordek, Alisaar's destiny was clear from before he was born. He would learn the arts of warfare and the importance of tradition from the greatest of all the Dragonborn warriors. Alisaar would prove himself through the many trials and challenges presented to him and when it was earned he would assume the post of General.

All went according to plan until Alisaar's return from Kvatch. Training among the numerous warrior bands, while challenging, left Alisaar with a greater desire. It was during these years that he envisioned a unified Dragonborn nation. He had known that the colony in Whitehaven was not the only one, but until he met Dragonborn from other colonies they were just stories. Looking in their eyes, he saw two things, the fire of the Dragonborn soul and a profound emptiness that even they were unaware of.

Upon his successful return from his training in Kvatch, Alisaar was recognized as a warrior of the clan and an adult. While that was a great day for him it was only the beginning. Alisaar's mother, Surilla, presented him with a scroll that she had hidden from all others, even her husband.

The scroll was made of a strange alien metal, and on its face was etched a scene of Dragonborn looking up toward a sky with three suns.

As soon as he saw the image something awoke in Alisaar's heart and soul. It was as if something he had always known but could never understand finally became clear. Over the following months, names such as Lo, Bahamut, Tiamat, and Vorel became as known to him as the lessons of his mother and father. Moreover, it was clear that Bahamut was the shining example of dragonkind that all Dragonborn should look to for wisdom and strength.

There was no longer a question for Alisaar about whether the Dragonborn could or should be united under one banner, and it was clear that it fell on his shoulders to begin the march toward a greater future for them all.


Alisaar is a great contradiction. He is a strange alloy of traditional Dragonborn warrior doctrine and a re-awakening of ancient and forgotten philosophies. He believes that those who would be helped should help themselves, but does not hesitate to act on behalf of those who can not act on their own. He believes that courage, honor, and respect are not just his birthright but a challenge that must be met, always. Alisaar often keeps his thoughts to himself preferring to act rather than discuss, but often finds himself in deep consideration of life's many gray areas.

One thing his friends like

Alisaar is a fierce friend. He does not give his respect lightly, but once he has, his friendship is iron-bound.

One thing his friends hate

Alisaar is not a diplomat, he demands and expects forthrightness from those he deals with. When lying and trickery become a problem for him, Alisaar will resolve the situation in blood.



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