Alec is a tall, muscular tiefling that clearly stands out amongst his peers. Born of royal heritage, not that he knows it, his dark eyes, sharp talons, and deep hue skin reflect the wild heritage and turbulent upbringing. A Ranger of some renown, Alec prefers to keep to himself, making an exception only for his friends to the life of solitude, and a passion for freedom of soul, mind, and spirit.


Alec was born just outside of the town of White Haven, the nature of his parents are unknown to him. His closest thing to a father is Bartlebe who took him in at the age of 8 and put him to work in the tavern. He slept above the stables and when he turned 13, he went into the woods where he lived permanently in a small camp he built. During the nights he would spend hours tracking all manner of beast for food, sport or practice. He is a extrordinary marksman & tracker.

UPDATE: Recently during the their time in the Great Library in Skyrim, Alec was taken into the mithil, it is their where he spent one year and day, during this time he met with a group of wild teiflings and taught them the way of the hunter and how to best use geurilla warfare tactics on the demon and devils that hunt and kill them for sport. He also gave them a special root which would calm their minds and keep Lady Reina from influencing them. It has also been hinted at that his family was from the house of the Azure. This line is considered nobility and respected amongst other teiflings.

UPDATE: In recent session it has become known because Alec was never properly cared for as a child, he became feral on his 16th birthday (This is called "The Molt"). During this time teiflings can go through a ceremony to purge their wild instincts or become complete animalistic (Eventually becoming a true beast and losing their form). He was hunted by one of his own (The last of the five) and given a root to bring him back from the brink of inhumanity. He must reguarly ingest this root although he now fears it's effect is waining.

UPDATE: Alec has discovered a legend of the Chalice of the Brood, that may be used to free any who drink from it from being effected from both the curse of the Molt and from hearing her voice (Lady Fierna)

UPDATE: Alec has now met two different tribes. There is one inside of the mithil & a small tribe on the island, Yacuda. Because of his heritage as one of the Azure, he quickly took a role of leader. He has mated within both tribes and has two sons. These children will bind him body and soul to the tribe and if he's able to use the Chalice of the Brood, these groups will also be free of Lady Fierna's pact


Alec is gruff and sullen to those who don't know him. He has a easy way with Arthus with whom he considers a kindred spirit. With him he will joke and occasionally truly be himself.

One thing his friends like

Alec would die for his friends; His friendships are all he truly has and his loyalty to the 5 overweights EVERYTHING.

One thing his friends hate

Alec has a chip on his should about being mistreated as a Tiefling. This has caused many conflicts for him and the group.

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