Legends & Lore

Here are legends and lore of the land, as told by the forefathers, found in ancient tomes, and discovered in hidden vaults. Some are true, many are false … though the sages will say there's truth in all.

Creation of the World

In the time before anything there were the Primordials, titanic, unfathomable beings who shaped all of the planes. The Primordials created all life, and then created the gods. Each God was given its own realm where they would be worshiped and care for its inhabitants. Since the Gods are each a facet of the Primordials, some are the light and some are the dark.

Thousands of years ago, the last Primordial, was tired of existence and decided to expire. In doing so the last world was formed. This world is called Tamirel.

His end went unnoticed by the gods who had grown lethargic in their duty. But one being DID notice, a Naga witch, living on a barren world where here own God had died.

She reached out to five of the elder gods disguised as “The Bright Lady” (The personification of fate) and explained to each of them that a new world had been created and if they gave her a modicum of power, she could guide them there so they could take root. However, she stole that power and would try to create a powerful artifact that would allow her to truly ascend to godhood and make this world her own. When the gods realized they had been tricked, they followed a trail to the newly formed Tamirel. But the Witch was crafty and closed the gate to this world so that the gods could never truly enter.

And so the Naga began forging the pieces of the artifact and attempted her ascension, however she was simply not powerful enough to contain the energy of the gods and in a cataclysmic explosion the artifact shattered and where the instrumentalities landed the continents were formed, each part of it resembling in appearance and species of its respective God. These were fractured places with no real world of their own and from the bit of “God essence” arose the races. Each had some inhabitants who still felt the light of their god in their souls but would never be truly whole…

And So Jennesta…. whose form had been shattered and torn asunder from the power of the gods would spend a millennium pulling her body together from the ether.

And So Tamirel…. Would be a special place, a cross roads where man can make their own decisions. Where the Gods could watch their creations grow from their seed and their light BUT not from their direct influence.

And so the Gate… Was closed but once opened Tamerial would be come a place of door where people could pass through to gain entrance to all the worlds.

And So the Instrumentalities… Were scatted and became the world:
From One; came the volcanoes in the water
From Another; came the black muck to choke the land
From a Third: came the light in the darkness
From the Forth; came the under dark
And from the Last; came the foul place; the blood war

And So the Gods…. Whose full power was blocked from this world, would use their little bit of essence to influence their people.

(Cyrodil) Pelor, known as The Sun Father (God of Truth: Neutral Good)
(Summerset Isles) Lady Fierna, known as The Dark Daughter or Lady of the Fourth (Goddess of The Pit: Neutral Evil)
(Arigonia) Lilith, known as The Fair Shepard (Goddess of Death: True Neutral)
(Yokuda) Bahamut - known as the God of Dragons or the Lord of the West Wind. (God of Valor: Lawful God)
(Boccob) Boccob, known also as The Uncaring (God of Magic: True Neutral)

The Three Great Wyrms

The Beginning

According to a myth in Races of the Dragon, Io's first child was a small, simple-minded dragon called Vorel. Vorel's name means "beautiful" in Draconic, for beautiful he was, perfect of scale and form. Next Io created a pair of children, male and female he created them: Bahamut and Tiamat were their names. Io intended them to grow up and mate, producing children that combined the best traits of each. Instead, the two were immediate rivals, yet Io would not choose a favorite between them. After many failed schemes to make herself look better and Bahamut worse, Tiamat hatched a diabolical plan: she slew her brother Vorel and framed Bahamut for the awful deed. Io, however, carefully sought out the truth, and sorrowfully banished his daughter Tiamat from his presence. Tiamat turned utterly to hatred and Evil, while her brother Bahamut, ever her rival, turned to Good in order to oppose her. So it was that Io lost three of his children: the first to death, the second to Evil, and the last to Good.

The home of Bahamut will always have the shadow over it; Where Bahamut is worshiped Tiamat will try to taint.

Bahamut's Vassals

A number of non-divine dragons and dragonlike beings serve Bahamut:

Medrinia is a blue-green aquatic dragon said to have been born from the first tear that Bahamut shed after witnessing the desolation left after the first battle between Tiamat and the dragons of good. She dwells in the undersea palace of Sea Reach on the Prime Material Plane, allying with dolphins, sea-horses, and other aquatic dragons to defeat evil and protect good.

Xathanon is a burst of golden energy with draconic shape, said to be a physical embodiment of the Positive Energy Plane. It was created by Bahamut from positive energy long ago, and it serves Draco Paladin unswervingly. It has a special hatred for Dhrakoth the Corruptor, a negative energy being created by Tiamat.

Vanathor, the Golden Harpist, is Bahamut's advisor, appearing as a gold dragon with a swirl of rainbow colors on his breast. The Some myths say he was actually a dead god from an ancient pantheon, given new life by Bahamut's magic.

The Adamantium Spire

"In the holy scriptures of Pelor, there is mention of a man named Krane, who had vision of Pelor and kept saying Pelor was held from this world began building an “unbreakable spire” going to the sky. This is now said to be a gateway from the modern world to PELOR."

Update: It has been discover that the Adamantium Spire is in fact real and is not only a gateway for Pelor but the place where all five instrumentalities must be gather at the right time to peirce the Mithil once and for all. In this release the gods will return to the world, this world will become part of the planes and Jennesta's spirit will finally be destroyed. Also all the dead that have never left for Sheol (afterlife) will finally be laid to rest.

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