The Scroll of Ancestors


A metal roll of unknown material (possibly adamantine), it is inscribed with an image of a world with three suns on one side, and on the other a second image depicting two dragons battling each other (presumably one chromatic and one metallic).


It us unknown where the scroll originated, but it was passed down from generation to generation by the Seer of the Great Tribe. Last it was in the posession of Alisaar's mother, Surilla, before she gave it to Alisaar.

Story Hooks

The Scroll of Ancestors was the first indication that there is more to dragonborn than the vagabond tribes of Tamriel. It revealed the presence of 'other worlds'.

In the Yakuda, the Seer tells of the 'Sin of Dragonborn Fathers', by revealing the battling dragons on the back of the scroll. This confirms the suspicions of a racial war between the chromatic and metallic dragons, and hence too between the dragonborn. Even Alisaar's mother didn't seem to know this (if she did, she hid that from Alisaar).



The Scroll of Ancestors

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