Starflower Saber


The Starflower Saber and its matching shortsword were crafted for Arthus as exact replicas of Velenia's blades. They are forged of folded mithril and etched from tip to tang with beautiful scrollwork which blends a number of powerful runes. While Velenia's blades are the purest white-silver with ebon etching, Arthus' are ebon-black with silver-white etching. The pommel of each of the blades resembles the petals of a delicate and foreign flower, the Starflower, for which Velenia's family takes its name.


The Saber and shortsword were given to Arthus the day of his departure from Velenia's home in Whiterun. They were crafted by Velenia herself and her master within the order of Arcane Duelists.

The runes crafted into the blades are particularly dangerous to the undead. The Elves consider these abominations an afront to all that is good and pure. As Arthus and Velenia delve into the deepest and darkest shadows of Tamirel, the lords of the un-life and their foul servants are always a very real threat.

Story Hooks

Arthus is cool as hell.



Starflower Saber

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