Rod of Sorrows


The Rod of Sorrows is an 18 inch length of gnarled and petrified wood set with a brass skull at the top.


The Rod is said to be an ancient replica of the "Rod of Orcus" that was bestowed upon one of his favored cultists. It was lost for centuries in the Underdark until a young and foolish band of knigts led by Lord Ricard D'Argo came upon it after fighting through the border of Morrowind and, unbeknownst to them, deep into the Underdark itself. Richard was slowly corrupted by the rod's power and returned to Cyrodil as the only survivor of the expedition.

Arthus recovered the artifact in a cult shrine under the tomb of the D'Argo's outside of Cheydinhal. It is currently housed by the Keepers and kept under tight security.

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Rod of Sorrows

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