Note of Citizenship


A small leather sheet, bearing information and sigil of the place of birth of a citizen of a particular realm. Though very hard to forge, since they do not bear the image of the owner but only a description, it is possible to mug-and-steal someone else's note and pass through unharrased.


Although some variant of a simiar note has existed for millenia, the leather form was started ago only a few centuries ago. These are meant to keep order and regulate travel and trade of non-citizens throughout various realms.

Story Hooks

The heroes have come across some difficulties given that they travel from realm to realm without proper identification. Not all places appreciate the citizens of Cyradiil around. Specifically, not having these papers on the way to Hammerfell has required Fizbin to use some inventive spellcasting to get the group across the border.

Alisaar's Writ of Citizenship bears the seal of the Imperial War College.



Note of Citizenship

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