A small purplish flower, Nightshade is actually a flower that grows mostly on thick, thorny vines. Although it grows at an abnormally rate in the wild, it needs a lot of deep, cold shade to survive, and oftentimes is destroyed the very next day by sunlight. The only other way it can survive is if it feeds on the blood of a living being.


Nightshade emits a highly poisonous sleep gas that, if left untreated, is sure to kill any living being. It mostly puts the being to eternall sleep, and it then dies of starvation and dehydration. If ingested, however, it will grow thick roots and flourish, sprouting vines from the victim's body. In both cases it means almost certain death.

The only known cure is an infusion from another flower called Morning Light.

Story Hooks

The Draconian King was poisoned with Nightshade, but the heroes were able to obtain a cure and restore him to health.



Morning Light

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