Knight's Blade


Knight's Blade is a bright silver-and-gold bastard sword with the symbol of a sun as its handle, and golden rays radiating out of the center of the handle in all directions - along the blade, the guards, and the pommel. A blessed weapon of a Pelorian Knight, it is in fact a sunblade, full of hidden power and latent magic.


Knight's Blade has been passed down from one Knight to another, always serving the head Paladin of the Pelorian Order on Tamriel. It is said to have been wielded by many of the saints, and until recently lied at rest in the cathedral of Cyradil. Its origin is unknown, though the legends say that it was a gift from one of Pelor's Solars to a knight thousands of years ago.

Story Hooks

This beautiful and surprisingly light weapon was given to William during his prayers in the cathedral of Cyradil. Not knowing the true history of the item, William did not understand the full implications of accepting it from the bishop. It now serves as William's primary weapon on his quest to stop Jennesta.



Knight's Blade

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