Instrumentalities are five pieces of a wheel that fit together like a puzzle. Each a stone of a different color, they weight roughly 5 pounds and are the size of a buttersquash. Though they look innocent enough, each contains tremendous power that even the most strong-willed cannot resist. Be careful though, for touching one can bring celestial euphoria, infernal doom, or painful-if-not-grotesque death.


The Legends say that each of the five instrumentalities contains a modicum of power of a greater diety. Tricked by a powerful Witch, these greater powers tried to exert domain over a newfound world, only to be sealed and trapped within it. The gods themselves are still around, but their strenght is diminished, and their followers falter. Unless these instrumentalities are used to set them free, eventually their power will fade, they will become mortal, and their reign will end.

Story Hooks

Each of the main five characters has a destiny tied to one of the five instrumentalities. Whereas some have a clear path and strong faith in their respective faith/god, others hold high scepticism and question their role as the 'saviors' of these dieties. Which path the group will choose will ultimately determine the fate of these gods (at least for the time being), and the fate of Tamriel, their world.



Hurricane Pistols

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