Eye of Azir


The 'Eye' is a massive gemstone "…about the size of a Hobbit's Head" by some accounts. The gem was retreived by the Keepers from a gypsy caravan deep in Akavir some 1200 years ago.


The true value of the Eye lies not in the price it might fetch, but in its lesser known abilities. Azir, a great fortune teller amongst his people, foresaw his own fate while staring into the fire one night. He knew he would be visited upon by a vicious warlord who would demand to know the secret to defeat the armies of the Shah. Azir knew that the warlord would not relent in his interrogation, but if he was to reveal the path to victory, all the people of Akavir would suffer for it.

So, without regret, Azir channeled the gift of his sight into a great gemstone and sent it off with the gypsy caravan saying that it would bring them good fortune if they concealed it from others. That night Azir remained behind and, as he knew, the warlord approached his campsite and demanded the foreseen knowledge. Azir stood, bowed his head to the mighty warlord and drove a dagger into his own belly. The last sounds he heard were the screaming curses of the warlord.

Four hundred years later, the Keepers learned of the gem's whereabouts and that the second son of the reigning Shah had discovered its location as well. The young prince set about getting the Eye to ensure his rise to power, but the Keepers were able to replace the gem with a fake and have since begun portioning out its power to those Seekers who prove worthy enough to be trusted with the knowledge it grants.

The fragments of the Eye of Azir allow those who possess them to draw on the records of the Keepers when in the presence of an artifact. It is also used to record the existence, location, and properties of new artifacts.

Story Hooks

Arthus' ring contains a piece of the Eye of Azir (approximately 1/1000th.) He learned about its true properties and originis in an ancient tome entitled "Footsteps of the Gods: Tokens" in Abe's Scripts and Tomes in the Imperial City.



Eye of Azir

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